Jennifer is really wonderful! She has amazing amount of knowledge which gives her the ability to help many types of businesses move forward with a clearer picture and more than enough information to deal with many issue’s business leaders face. I must say that she is a highly skilled, generous and enormously gifted business coach, especially for those who don’t traditionally consider themselves “business people”.
I discovered her through sheer luck (thanks Google), and I remain sincerely grateful for the counsel she offered me back in 2012 when I was starting to open my new business. Thanks Jennifer!
Clara Donovan
I first engaged the services of Jennifer Dane as a business coach back during the initial stages of starting my business. Running a small business was still an unknown for me, and I felt alone and unsure of what I needed to do to make my business a success. Working with Jennifer really helped me clarify what I wanted to do and how I should go about doing it. She always gave me practical and achievable advice that worked well for my business and, importantly, aligned with my business ethics. Even many years after my initial meetings with her, I still regularly draw upon much of the advice she gave me. I credit a large part of my success to the advice and guidance she gave to me in the early days of my business, and the support she gives me to this day. I am forever grateful!
Daryl Jones
Cafe 45
Jennifer worked with me for three months on tackling some of the new challenges I was facing in my business. In a relatively short period of time I finally made the leap to change the direction of my business from what I was doing, to what I wanted to be doing. I’ve now got clear direction, a solid marketing plan and I’m making real progress. I’d recommend Jennifer and Business Tempo for anyone who wants just that, straight talk about where you’re at, where you want to be and how to get there!
Linda Hale
Grand Touring
Jennifer helped me in developing clearer goals and rewarding myself when I achieved them. It held me accountable to the deadlines I set myself and assisted in ensuring I was able to achieve my desired business outcomes. It was a really great opportunity as a small business owner to access other business people in a confidential setting to bounce ideas around and grow my business. Thank you Jennifer!
Adam Lambert
Lambert Plumbing
I began coaching in overwhelm mode. My business was starting to take off but profits were low. To have Jennifer’s ear to brainstorm with, and get really clear on how much I am worth, now means I am earning the income I deserve. Best of all through coaching I have been able to balance my work and life so I am now able to spend more time with my beautiful daughter without feeling guilty about leaving work issues to another time.
Lauren Hay
Hay Recruitments
Jennifer is an intelligent ally for any business owner. She is a great networker and never misses an opportunity to assist her clients via referrals or recommendations. Jennifer’s suggestions for business improvements are down to earth and straight forward. Her experience and manner earn her respect across all industries. I have found Jennifer is an absolute gem to work with and I hope we continue to develop our business relationship for many years to come.
Sam Frost
Creative Cloud Building