The chance to help struggling businesses make the necessary course corrections in their journey towards economic success has always been a great motivation of mine. One can always say that I have first-hand knowledge and experience of the travails and heartaches that new, small, and family-run businesses have to go through to make a name for themselves amidst an ocean of entrepreneurial uncertainty.

As a child, I have always been involved in the operation of a small family business, giving me a clear idea of the fundamental principles necessary for ensuring not only the continuous growth of the enterprise, but also keeping the family in an even tightly-knit framework. I’ve learned the principles long before I got formally introduced to the theories and models that kept organisations together. You can say my education and experience only cemented further what were already ingrained in my personhood.

Many of the small businesses I’ve worked with have gone through the same predicament, trying to balance the requirements of a newly-established company and the growing needs of the family. It is like juggling between two equally important elements of one’s life; a single miscalculation can topple everything else.

Whenever I meet a client, I always draw on these childhood experiences and back them up with more scientific principles gained from several years of study and many more in the productive field. This makes it more compelling for clients to persevere and come out stronger than ever before.

Making sure that the process is very easy to adhere to, clients are able to make the successful transition from being haggard, hopeless business entities to enterprises that are optimistic, with a clear vision of what’s ahead, and a renewed sense of purpose in their existence. They begin to have this sense of hope.

Clients can attest to how my brand of business coaching has allowed them to transform from being the laughing stock of an industry that puts down the struggling to being the ones on top in their respective fields. One can imagine the remarkable feeling of relief as businesses are able to turn their fortunes around and become the true movers of a growing society.

It is always a great pleasure to see businesses steer their ships towards the light tower on the shore, for families to reconnect, and for customers to be more than satisfied with the products that they are able to enjoy.