What Podcasts Do for Business Owners

Every entrepreneur and business owner out there is always looking for a better and more efficient way to improve their skills or get new and innovative ideas for their business. Podcasts fit their needs perfectly because it is a great way to learn. You can pick up the information passively as you go about your daily routine. You can either be at home eating, on a train to work or at the cafeteria or café having lunch. You can just plug your headphones on and pick up podcast business tips anywhere you are.

Most podcasts are recorded in America, but the business landscape there is completely different from Australia, which makes them less relevant. To get the most out of your podcast time, here is a list of Australia’s best business podcasts where you can pick up some useful business tips and insights:

Xero Gravity

Xero is a cloud-based accounting firm that is located in New Zealand. Xero Gravity podcast is all about everything on small business, from starting a business with comrades to what technology you should use for your business. Elizabeth, Xero Gravity’s host, interviews business owners from Australia and everyone else from all over the world about their best business practices. By everyone else, we mean everyone from owners of small retail businesses to media people or journalists that are working in the tech space. They would discuss how they do business and how they stay organized and keep it on the up and up.

Her Business

herBusiness is a part of the Australian Businesswoman’s Network, which gives women the skills to start, grow, and manage their own businesses. The podcast is centered on women in business who share their secrets to success. Host Suzi Danfis interviews a range of female business professionals and experts on how they took their businesses from its early conceptual stages up to where they are today.

herBusiness is a great podcast not just for women but for anyone who is looking for advice from proven successful business experts. The women interviewed have faced challenges that are relatable to any business owner. Whether you have wanted to expand into an industry that you are not familiar with, wanted to grow your small business from an idea to a lifestyle, or you have trouble letting go of things and try to make them perfect, herBusiness has an episode that will surely help you.

Small Business Big Marketing

Small Business Big Marketing is known as one of the most popular podcasts in Australia by Timbo Ried, where he teaches you how to get the most of your marketing efforts, especially on a minimal budget. In the show, he talks to other business owners about how they have achieved their success in their businesses, from moving overseas to take on a bold and new venture to disrupting an already established industry locally.

There are so many great podcasts out there in Australia that you would hardly have enough time to listen to all of them. Podcasts are the new book. You don’t have to sit and read through a business book just to get tips, with podcasts you can just plug in those headphones and carry on with your daily routine while learning about the business tip of the day.