5 Ways on How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Small Business

5 Ways on How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Small Business

In the world business, it is no doubt that owners use social media marketing as a medium in promoting products and services to the public. This is because the greater number of consumers are found online rather than customers entering a brick and mortar store.  Factually, 82% of the small business owners and online entrepreneurs use popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest and LinkedIn as their marketing platforms.

With technology boom and continuous advancements all over the world, there is no best time to get started than today. It is never too late to use social media for your business and here are the reasons why.

  1. Social media can help promote your business to a wider demographic.

The popularity of social media is undeniably true. People of all ages know what instant messaging is all about and this is what makes us all connect to each other no matter what time of day. According the Pew Research Center, nearly 65% of American adults use social networks such as those mentioned above. While messaging is the primary reason of connectivity, purchasing and marketing are the other objective. The dynamism of social media allows your business to reach customers as far as those at other side of the world. This means, your consumers and target costumers are not only contained in one location.

  1. Social media is very cost-effective

Social media, as compared to traditional advertising, is by far cheaper in terms of marketing costing. Facebook, for example, is a free entity for business starters as they introduce their products to the public. It only becomes a paid platform when a larger target market is opted. With new algorithms being developed regularly, users are guaranteed of security in their business. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or a starter, you can on rely on social media when it comes to cost-effective marketing. Apart from being able to save money, your business extends from your location to a wider market.

  1. Social media helps get the word out about your product and/or services.

More important than exposure, social media allows your business to opportunities to grow relationships with specific groups associated with your business. Your fans, followers and connections serve as medium of connectivity because they can spread your business to others by word of mouth until you gain hundreds to thousands and even millions of audience.

  1. Social media users are active and encourage two-way communication

According to an Informate Mobile Intelligence study or report, social media users in the US would check their accounts at least 17 times in a day. Even if a customer visits your store only once a week, they could see your posts in their feeds multiple times within the week.

Social media allows you to learn more about your audience and their interests by being able to see their posts and interaction on your feeds. This allows you to collect feedback. You can interact and ask customers about their thoughts, ideas and if they have questions about your product or services. You can respond faster and build a better relationship.

  1. Social media is excellent for customer service

Providing excellent customer services is a top priority. Social media offers an opportunity to step up in customer service and provide instant satisfaction and gratification to your target market. It will show your customers just how much you care about providing them with a good service and memorable experience. This ensures that no customer inquiry will go unnoticed.