5 Business Types You Can Start with Minimal Expense or No Cash

Starting a good and lucrative business these days is getting harder due to the large investment needed. Some people would like to work for big companies and corporations, while others want to start their own business. Some of these businesses need a large investment, but there are other ways to start one with less. Here are five business types that you can start with minimal expense or no cash at all.

Graphic and Website Design

Graphic design and website development businesses only need people who have the right skill sets. If you have experience or professional training on any of these, then it would be easy for you to set up. You can also hire another person for the other job and just look for clients on the internet to get started. This will only need minimal expense if you are missing a few resources, but these days most homes have computers already, which will give you an advantage. All you need to do is listen to what your client wants for their graphic or website design and deliver results.

Offer House Cleaning Services

Many families living in privately-owned homes, condos, or apartments look for services that offer house cleaning. Resources for this type of business will only be minimal like cleaning materials and work clothes as a start. Offer your clients a good fee for the amount of cleaning work that they want. You can also offer different arrangements with big companies and corporations to clean up their office environment, vacuum their carpets, mop their floors, and similar cleaning services. This could potentially become big if your business name reaches a larger audience.

Taking Care of Children 

Another business that needs the right kind of skill set is a day care for kids. If you and your associates have a natural talent for taking care of a child, then this can become a good opportunity for you with minimal expenses. A home with a large living room can be turned into a small day care center. Safe and clean toys can be bought at extremely low prices, too. The only factor you need to make your day care business perfect is to gain trust from the parents and build a good reputation.

Laundry, Drying, and Ironing Services

A very lucrative and easy business to start with minimal investment is a laundry business. Everyone has dirty laundry and not everyone has the time to wash them. A lot of people, especially the busy workers, would want to pay someone to wash their soiled clothing for them. This can be started small with washing dirty clothes as the main service being offered. You can then slowly add other services like dry cleaning.

Opening Game Centers

Kids love to play video games and some adults like to play classic ones on arcade. Opening a game center is a big opportunity for those who also love video games and for those who want to ride its popularity. You can start by purchasing a few arcade cabinets first and provide space for some snacks and refreshments for the kids. Once you gain more income, it is best to add more types of machines to play with. You can also provide mobile video game services for children’s parties and other occasions.

Opening a business usually needs a huge amount of cash to get started, but there are a few like the ones above that only need less. Entrepreneurs will only need determination and perseverance to make it through and become successful.